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Accepted Presentations


Subsea networking for non-physicists

  • Beatty Lane-Davis

Asymmetric routing and BGP traffic engineering challenges

  • Ulsbold Enkhtaivan

464XLAT/NAT64 deployment guidelines in operator and enterprise networks

  • Jordi Palet

Segment routing generation 2020 - A comparison of segment Routing data-plane encoding

  • Gunter Van de Velde

OpenLI: An open source alternative for lawful intercept

  • Shane Alcock

IPv6 Adoption over Internet Exchanges

  • Susan Forney

The complexity of hyper speed transceivers - lets make it

  • Thomas Weible

IETF Work: Update for Operators

  • Mark Smith

Securing the Internet - Validating Routing with RPKI

  • Aaron Murrihy

Why MANRS is important!

  • Warrick Mitchell

The impact of an RPKI validator in Bangladesh and Lessons Learned

  • Md. Abdul Awal

Next-Gen optical architectures

  • Beatty Lane-Davis

Towards our Open Edge Future

  • Sunny Yeung

IP/Optical Awareness and Correlation for Traffic Optimization

  • Peter Landon

The New Netflow

  • CF Chui

Observations from the routing diff

  • Anurag Bhatia

CORD - Central Office Re-architected as Datacenter

  • Aris Cahyadi Risdianto

Buffers and Protocols

  • Geoff Huston

Operation and Deployment of Broadband

  • Gyanendra Maharjan

BGP in 2019

  • Geoff Huston

Securing IoT Devices - The DNS Angle

  • Merike Käo

Kea - a modern DHCP

  • Vicky Risk

Winning the Game: Play for Operators

  • Rajiv Asti

Detecting route advertisements of unallocated IP address

  • Kentaro Goto

One year of BGP (in)security

  • Luca Sani

Vulnerability found in Broadcom cable modems

  • Warren Finch

Kamuee: A Pure-Software-Approach Router

  • Yasuhiro Ohara

Dynamic Flooding in Supernodes

  • Tony Li

RIFT: Engineering Simplicity in IP Fabric

  • Melchior Aelmans

Update on the state of Routing Security

  • Melchior Aelmans

Building a Distributed Firewall

  • Michael Kehoe

Building Environment for Cybersecurity Awareness: CDX Use Case

  • Aris Cahyadi Risdianto

Data On Demand via MEF LSO Sonata API

  • Paul Gampe

Panel Discussions

Financing your last-mile connectivity infrastructure: Options and overcoming investment roadblocks


  • John Garrity
  • Speaker

  • Michael Ginguld
  • Speaker

  • Weng-Yew Wong
  • Speaker

  • Sylvia Cadena
  • Jim Forster

Open Source in Networks

  • Russ White
  • Jose Dante Santiago

Peering Forum

Peering opportunity in Brazil -

  • Julio Sirota

IXPDB and tools

  • Bijal Sanghani

Peering Security

  • Walt Wolny

Oceania Peering Overview

  • Tom Paseka

Where Expand Your POP in Indonesia

  • Ko Togashi


SRv6 - technology evolution

  • Dinesh Kumar

PeeringDB Tutorial, learning the GUI and the API

  • Arnold Nipper

Introduction to Network State Awareness and Troubleshooting

  • Faraz Shamim

Can Artificial Intelligence Secure your Infrastructure?

  • A. S. M. Shamim Reza

Risk Elimination by System Hardening | Being Safe

  • Mir Hassan Riaz

IPv6-only with IPv4-as-a-Service workshop - Broadband and Cellular networks

  • Jordi Palet Martinez

AI/ML Data Center Innovation

  • Shaowen Ma

Fun with perfSONAR

  • Hervey Allen

VXLAN BGP EVPN technology building blocks

  • Jide Akintola



  • Photchanan Ratanajaipan

NOG Update BoF

  • Matsuzaki Yoshinobu

IPv4 2020 Market Review

  • Mike Burns